Learn To Touch Type In 1 Week - Xmas Holiday Course - LIMITED PLACES

One Week Intensive Touch Typing Holiday Courses For Kids

Come and join us and learn the wonderful skill of touch typing in just one week! Learning to touch type isn't easy, especially if you choose to learn on your own - but with our small group lessons in our virtual classroom and your own specialist tutor, you will be touch typing in no time! 

Following on from our sold-out summer intensive courses, we will be running LIVE on Zoom in the Xmas Holiday for 1 Week Only. Please note that places are very limited, so book early to secure your place.

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Touch Typing Holiday Courses - Learn to Touch Type in 1 Week!

If you want to learn how to touch type, come and join our group lessons live in our virtual classroom. Suitable for all children (aged 9+), and teens. 2 hours per day Monday - Friday with a Specialist Tutor - £225.00.

Learning to touch-type means...

⭐ Increasing accuracy - less time spent correcting
⭐ Improving creativity - their fingers can keep up with their brain!
⭐ Super fast homework, coursework and admin work!
⭐ No more frustration and meltdowns!

Child achieving success at touch typing

Benefits of Learning to Touch Type

Type at the speed of thought
Faster thought processing
Get thoughts down on paper fast
Focus on the task
Be digitally prepared
Type more accurately
No more fatigue

Child achieving success on touch typing course
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Woman helping a student learn touch typing

Any questions?

If you want to know a little bit more before booking or have any questions or comments about touch typing - just give me a call.

Some of our helpful tutors

Wendy Petersen, Type IT! Course Director
Tracy Best at Type IT
Shantelle at Type IT

What our touch typists have to say...

"Last day of the course, just wanted to say thank you so much for all the pre-course information, follow-ups, swift replies to emails etc. I have been really impressed and will definitely be recommending your course.
Connor has really enjoyed the course. He said it was fun and the 2 hours each day goes very quickly and the week has definitely gone quickly."

Mrs H, Parent

"Wendy is a fantastic touch typing tutor and has helped my son who has dyspraxia beyond belief. He now touch-types all of his work like a pro and has never looked back. She is warm and caring but no-nonsense and gets results. As a secondary Headteacher, I have seen the problems that poor handwriting speed can create for students who struggle and Wendy has made a massive difference to our family. Teaching our son to type has probably been one of the most transformative things we have done."

Mia Pye, Secondary Headteacher

"Thanks so much, I thought the course was brilliant."

Isaac, aged 10.

As well as improving my typing skills immensely this course has been extremely enjoyable. Wendy’s feedback has always been prompt, clear and very useful. I would recommend this course to anyone.

» Tommaso, aged 14

"My 9-year-old did the one week intensive TT course with Wendy and greatly enjoyed it. He was a complete novice at touch typing, although since he types regularly he had some engrained bad habits already. Wendy was a very patient teacher and he made great improvements over the week. I think this course was a very useful introduction, presented in a friendly and encouraging way. He even enjoyed doing the 'homework', which is very unusual!"

Mrs Menner - Parent


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