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Wendy Petersen, Founder of Type IT! Touch Typing For Kids

Wendy Petersen BSc. Hons - Type IT! Founder & Course Director

As an educator working with children for the last 20 years in computer technology, I’d often get calls from parents asking if I knew of anyone that could help their child to touch type. The fact was, I couldn’t even touch-type myself, so aged 45, I decided to take the plunge!

My mission was to create a touch typing course that was perfect for children. I didn't want a course where children were just left on their own to 'get on with it' because I knew from my own kids that this methodology just doesn't work.

So I decided that every student should have their very own personal touch typing tutor supporting them throughout the course. Our tutors help them to feel confident and motivated to succeed.

Kids are using computers more than ever; they are never more than a few paces away from a keyboard. My mission is to get every child learning to touch type; it’s not a desirable skill - it’s an essential life skill.

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Tracy Best, Type IT! Touch Typing

Tracy Best - Office Manager/Tutor

After studying for my A levels, I attended Pitman's for a crash course in touch typing and have never looked back (it was the best suggestion my mum made when I was 18 years old!). Being able to type has helped me enormously in progressing through my career. Whether it was to type up minutes, write emails, reports or letters, the ability to touch type quickly and accurately has allowed me to perform these roles efficiently and with speed. It is thoroughly rewarding watching a student develop their typing skills and seeing them progress through our programme and become a touch typist.

sharon murray, type it touch typing tutor

Sharon Murray - Senior Tutor

I am an Early Years Practitioner working with children in computer technology with Click IT, Type IT's sister company. I learned to touch-type many years ago to better my prospects on my CV. An opportunity arose to become a Type IT! tutor and I love every minute of my role. Teaching my students to touch type is not just getting them through the course, it’s giving them the motivation to keep on going. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the evidence at the end of the course, especially when a student sends me an email to say they touch typed it. Type IT! offers the chance to change student's lives permanently for the better.

Shantelle at Type IT

Shantelle Ajala - Tutor

Shantelle is currently studying for a degree in Fashion and Textiles. She attended a Type IT! touch typing course in Summer 2016. Shantelle has been a tutor ever since, working with many children and adults over the last few years. Shantelle is an excellent tutor; knowledgeable, patient and she is able to bring a little humour to her lessons! Shantelle has also worked with many families privately at their own homes.


Amisha Pattni - Tutor

Amisha completed a touch typing course with us and decided she enjoyed it so much she wanted to come and work with us! Now at University studying Geography, she is in sole charge of delivering courses face to face on Zoom as well as being a remote tutor with her cohort of students. Having attended the course herself, Amisha is able to communicate really well with students of all ages.

Jude grace, type it touch typing tutor

Jude Grace - Tutor

Jude has been working with our company for over 10 years now and we are very lucky to have her on our team. Jude is kind and patient and works well with those children that need a little more one to one help. Jude learnt to touch type many years ago and she is able to pass on her knowledge to help others.

Ellie Patel, Type IT touch typing tutor

Ellie Patel - Tutor

Touch typing is a skill I have always wanted to learn. I decided to learn while we were in lockdown and it’s the best thing I have done. After learning to touch type I had the opportunity to become a touch typing tutor. I enjoy tutoring students of all ages, watching them progress throughout the programme, and seeing them achieve fantastic results. Helping others gain this wonderful lifelong skill is very rewarding!

Dhruv Kotecha, Type IT! touch typing tutor

Dhruv Kotecha - Tutor

Attending the TYPE IT! Typing course in 2018 made me a fluent touch typist, which has been an invaluable skill of mine ever since. I use it on a day-to-day basis, it is especially handy for my A-Levels. Having joined the team in 2018, I have had the pleasure of teaching many students, children from the age of 7 to adults aged 80, both online and in person. I enjoy teaching students this important life skill whilst making sure they are having fun at the same time. Being an alumnus of the course allows me to use my successful experience to provide students with hints and tips that I have picked up along the way.

Kirsty Duffey, Type IT! Touch Typing Tutor

Kirsty Duffey - Tutor

When I was at school, I saw a fellow student telling everyone she had her Pitman’s 1 typing and that she could type 60 words a minute. I was fascinated and later signed up for a keyboarding GCSE at school to learn touch typing. Over my working life before children, including 10 years as a PA, my speed gradually increased but I did pick up a few bad habits. After having my children, I spent 4 years teaching Click IT! in nurseries, teaching small children to use a computer, before working from home full time.   When the opportunity to become a touch typing tutor came up, I was fascinated again, as touch typing is such a good life skill to pass on. As a tutor, I also got to complete the Type IT! course and lose those bad habits!

charlotte harvey Type IT! Touch Typing Tutor

Charlotte Harvey - Tutor

I first joined Type IT! when I was in Year 7 and I started by teaching the Junior years at my own school! I’ve continued to support at TypeIT! over the years and it’s been amazing watching the business grow and the number of students who have learned to touch type. What I love the most is being able to give someone a lifelong skill. It’s been the most invaluable skill for me and I couldn’t recommend this course more!

Aisha Patel, Type IT! Touch Typing Tutor

Aisha Patel - Tutor

In 2013, I completed a touch typing course with TypeIT! Now, I am a second year university student studying English, and the skill has proven to be very rewarding. I was given the opportunity to return to Type IT! to become a tutor, and now I enjoy teaching this skill. It is gratifying to see students improve every week, knowing that this lifelong skill will prove to help them in the future in the same way it has helped me.

Hir Kotecha, type it Touch Typing tutor

Hir Kotecha - Tutor

After completing the touch typing course when I was 14, I have been using the skill every day for typing in general, and for my A levels. Two of my A levels, Economics and Geography, are heavily essay-based, and using my touch typing for these subjects has meant that I am more efficient in them. It is also much faster to create my notes! The most rewarding part of tutoring is seeing the students improve over time, and consistently break their high scores.

Olivia Duke Type IT! touch typing tutor

Olivia Duke - Tutor

I am new to the Type IT! team and I am very excited to be joining when e-learning is becoming the way forward for many parents including myself!  I have previously worked in the Further Education Sector delivering Apprenticeships in a range of subjects including Maths, English and ICT Functional Skills. I love this role as it is rewarding and you learn something new every day!  Touch typing is a lifelong skill that will carry you to success and I hope you enjoy your journey with Type IT! as much as I do.

type it tutor

Mahima Chauhan - Tutor

I am a student at university studying geography and I was taught how to touch type in primary school. Since coming to university, I have noticed that not everyone gets the same opportunity to learn how to touch type that I did and realised that this puts so many people at a disadvantage. So, I have decided to become a Type It! tutor to help others benefit from this skill. I am new to this role but I'm really enjoying it as I find it very rewarding to help students and see their progress.
Lynn touch typing tutor

Lynn Howard - Course Director, Type IT! Cheam

I first joined Wendy in 2011 as the first franchisee for Click IT! I am now very excited to also be the first franchisee for Type IT! I love teaching and truly believe that touch typing is a skill that can help everyone, adults and children alike. Having learnt to touch type as an adult, I can now see the benefits of it and cannot believe I didn’t learn much earlier! Having been through education and university using just a pen and paper, I remember the times when my hand ached so much from writing that it was almost illegible! That will definitely be a thing of the past for future students soon!

Child achieving success at touch typing

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