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TypeIT founder Wendy Petersen

Wendy Petersen - Type IT! Founder & Course Director, Harrow

Wendy set up her first business, ‘Click IT!’ in 1999, delivering computer lessons to children in pre schools. After franchising the business, Click IT! now works with over 1500 children every week. Wendy decided to set up Type IT! in 2011 after learning to touch type and realising that there was a gap in the market for child based touch typing lessons. Wendy now delivers child and adult courses from her centre in Harrow and at local schools. In 2018, Wendy launched her franchise business and hopes to be delivering Type IT! courses all over the UK.

Jackie at Type IT!

Jackie Simons - Business Development Manager & Tutor

I first learnt to touch type at school, mainly because  this was one of the skills needed to gain employment. I have used this skill throughout my life, working in data entry, typing my course work and business plans. It is a life skill that I have used over and over again.  I’m looking forward to working for Type It, having worked many years in schools I can see how this will benefit many young people, from typing during your lessons in sixth form, to many children who use word processors for their exams and then those at university for lectures and dissertation.  I love teaching and seeing people gain new skills. I’m hoping that my enthusiasm and experience will help grow this business to enable as many people as possible to learn to type.

Tracy Best at Type IT

Tracy Best - Administrator & Tutor

After studying for my A levels, I attended Pitman's for a crash course in touch typing and have never looked back (it was the best suggestion my mum made when I was 18 years old!). Being able to type has helped me enormously in progressing through my career. Whether it was to type up minutes, write emails, reports or letters, the ability to touch type quickly and accurately has allowed me to perform these roles efficiently and with speed. It is thoroughly rewarding watching a student develop their typing skills and seeing them progress through our programme and become a touch typist.

Lynn touch typing tutor

Lynn Howard - Course Director, Type IT! Cheam

I first joined Wendy in 2011 as the first franchisee for Click IT! I am now very excited to also be the first franchisee for Type IT! I love teaching and truly believe that touch typing is a skill that can help everyone, adults and children alike. Having learnt to touch type as an adult, I can now see the benefits of it and cannot believe I didn’t learn much earlier! Having been through education and university using just a pen and paper, I remember the times when my hand ached so much from writing that it was almost illegible! That will definitely be a thing of the past for future students soon!

Shantelle at Type IT

Shantelle Ajala - Senior Tutor

Shantelle is currently studying for a degree in Fashion and Textiles. She attended a Type IT! touch typing course in Summer 2016. Shantelle has been a tutor ever since, working with many children and adults over the last few years. She has also run touch typing courses in schools.

Emma Petersen at Type IT

Emma Petersen - Senior Tutor

Emma was 14 years old when she first learnt to touch type. She was fundamental in helping to establish the business. As well as being a full time student, she enjoys teaching children and adults this valuable skill. Emma uses her touch typing at university where she has to type at high speed when taking notes in lectures and seminars. She currently holds the record at Type IT! – 98% accuracy and 92 words per minute!

Lucy at Type IT

Lucy Lipfriend - Tutor Assistant

Lucy is currently a full time student at a prestigious girls school in North West London. She came on a Type IT! course when she was very young. She is now 16 years old and is a fantastic tutor. She has a natural ability to teach children.

Child achieving success at touch typing

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