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Don't risk doing a free online course...80% of my customers come to me because they've tried and failed...

We all have busy lives and learning something new isn't easy. Finding the time can be challenging and it doesn't take long before the initial excitement of a new course starts to wane. Sometimes you just need someone to give you a helping hand or a little nudge from time to time. That's why all of our courses are tutor-supported where we are on hand every week to tailor the course to your needs and give you feedback.

We are typing specialists - it's all we do!

✅ Your own dedicated typing tutor
✅ Comprehensive support
✅ Choose when you do your lessons

⭐ Weekly feedback by email
Bitesize lessons each week
Easy to follow instructions.

It helps to keep you on track and accountable to finish the course with a great result!

A course that fits around your busy lifestyle

Learning to touch type is going to make your work so much easier. As well as teaching children, we have worked with hundreds of adults looking to touch type in the workplace including GP's, consultants, nurses, insurers, teachers and many other professionals.  

You can choose to complete your lessons around your working day. Prefer to work in the morning? No problem! Or perhaps evenings are better for you. It doesn't matter what time of day you choose to do your practice, you just need to complete your lesson by your chosen day each week so that your tutor can give you feedback on the next working day.

Most people choose to do a 12-week course, which is a one hour lesson each week. If you are in a hurry to learn, we can fast track the course to suit you. You just need to specify this on your booking form.

Adults learning to touch type

Benefits of Learning to Touch Type

⭐ Increased productivity at work
⭐ Client-focused; not keyboard focused
⭐ Type at the speed of thought
⭐ Type faster - up to 70wpm+
⭐ Make fewer mistakes
⭐ Less fatigue

Any questions?

If you want to know a little bit more before booking or have any questions or comments about touch typing - just give me a call or leave a voice message by clicking on the blue button at the bottom right of the screen.

Some of our helpful tutors

Wendy Petersen, Type IT! Course Director
Tracy Best at Type IT
Shantelle at Type IT

What our touch typists have to say...

"We were all delighted with how quickly we all progressed - from single finger typists to touch typing in a matter of weeks.  Under Wendy’s enthusiastic and patient guidance, every lesson was enjoyable and we have gained an invaluable life skill that will be of so much benefit in the future.  We would have no hesitation in recommending this course to all ages and just wish we had signed up earlier.”  

» Chris (48), Ami (16) and Georgie (14)

Since I learnt to touch type with Wendy at Type IT! I have been amazed how much time I’ve saved. All professionals should learn to touch type, it’s an amazing skill and Wendy makes it such fun – it also helps you look super professional in the office!

» Angharad, UCL, London.

Furthermore, I want point out that since we started the course, both me and my son did not have any touch typing skills. We are now very confident in speed and accuracy and I think our computer literacy achievement is due to Wendy’s great patience, guidance, leadership and very good coaching skills. Her continuous feedbacks have been always amazing as she gave us the opportunity to really understand and improve day by day our practice. We feel very much confident to recommend Wendy to anyone who want engage and learn touch typing as she is an amazing, professional and dedicated coach.

» Orazio and Son

I would recommend Wendy without hesitation. She is professional, flexible, warm, caring and gets results. If anyone is looking to achieve proficient typing in a short period of time, she is your person.

» Dr Pinkus

Decided to try this typing school and it’s fantastic. Being over the age of 40, I thought I would struggle to learn a new skill but the staff made it fun and the easy to learn. Thanks to all the warm and wonderful staff as I feel much more confident with respect to my next exams. 

» Adenike Shahimi


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