AtoZ Junior Keyboarding Course

Early Keyboard Confidence For Juniors

  • Is your child in Year 1, 2 or 3 and using a computer keyboard?
  • Are they ‘hunting and pecking’ the keys when they type?
  • Do you sometimes type their work for them because they are so slow?
  • Does your child sometimes get frustrated trying to type?
  • Would you like your young child to type faster and feel more confident?

If you have answered yes - we can help your child!

A fantastic course that your young child can complete at home in their own time. They will learn to use the correct fingers on the keys, giving them a huge head start for school. They can then follow up with one of our touch typing courses.

AtoZ Keyboarding Course


  • Type faster using both the left and right hands
  • Type more confidently using the correct fingers
  • Improve their alphabet recognition
  • Increase manual dexterity
  • Spelling confidence
  • Complete homework faster!
  • Familiarity with technology
  • Readiness for touch typing
  • End of course certificate

Course Features

  • 15 weeks of lessons with a fun and interactive lesson every week!
  • Weekly motivational virtual stickers!
  • Typing Tutors will issue an end of course certificate!
  • Musical videos to warm up the fingers!
  • Learn to type the alphabet, sight words, word patterns, phrases.
  • FastTrack to touch typing- Move on to our 12-week remote tutor-supported course and get 5% off the fee (excludes one to one lessons).

Don't leave them to hunt and peck - enrol them on our keyboarding course today and get them tech savvy for only £49!