“I can ‘sort of’ touch type.”

Sound familiar? Touch typing is a skill that requires regular practice as it relies on muscle memory to remember the finger patterns. Unfortunately most people begin learning to touch type with good intentions but they then give up and all their hard work is lost. So why does this happen? Learning something new on your…

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PC or Mac?

Apart from owning one of the very first PCs – an Amstrad back in the early 80s, I’ve always been an Apple fan. In 1989, my job was to set up an in-house ‘desktop publishing’ department at Wickes. It was my first introduction to an Apple Mac. It was called the Macintosh Classic – anyone…

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October Half Term Course

Touch typing tutor

It’s that time again! Not long now until our October half term touch typing course! It’s going to be a full on week for me because I’m running a live face to face session at my centre in Harrow, followed straight after by a class live on Zoom! What will be fantastic though is helping…

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All children should learn to touch type!

YES! I was very excited to read this today! Let’s get all children touch typing! With all children in Scotland being given an iPad device, MSP Fergus Ewing told the Scottish Parliament’s education committee that for them to make the most of the benefit, they needed to be able to type properly! He said: “I…

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Touch Typing is an Amazing Skill!

Touch typing, on a computer keyboard, really is a pretty amazing thing and in my opinion (of course I’m biased), is underrated. Touch typing is a skill involving “cognitive automaticity”, using the same part of the brain as walking, eating or riding a bike. It uses “muscle memory”, meaning you can do something without thinking…

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Are you a fan of handwriting?

are you a fan of handwriting?

Handwriting – are you surprised to learn that one in ten Britons haven’t written anything by hand this last year? According to a survey of 2000 people by family history site Ancestry, most prefer to email, text or send social media messages instead of penning traditional letters. 40% of 18-24 years olds have never written…

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Touch Typing For Dyslexia

girl touch typing

I recently wrote an article about touch typing for Dr Susannah Pinkus who is an Education Expert specialising in Thinking & Learning Differences. Has your child recently been granted ‘word-processing’ as a reasonable adjustment at school and in examinations? Although young people are using computers more than ever before, many still tirelessly struggle with ineffective methods…

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Learn To Type Fast

learn to touch type fast

Is it really possible to type over 100 words per minute? Yes, it really is! This video shows one of my ex-students typing over 100 words per minute! When he started learning with me, he was using two fingers to type. We call that hunting and pecking the keys and it’s super slow. Once you…

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Typing Courses Online – For Children and Adults

adults and children learning how to touch type

Children and Adult Touch Typers – Different Learning Styles It’s quite interesting to see the difference between our adult and junior touch typers. The principle is the same. Aim for a high accuracy and don’t worry about the speed – that will come later. Adults are super accurate! The adults are super cautious, aiming for…

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How Can Touch Typing Help A Child With Dyslexia?

helping a child with dyslexia learn to touch type

How can touch typing can help a child with dyslexia? According to the British Dyslexia Association, dyslexia is a neurological difference that primarily affects reading and writing skills. Dyslexic children have difficulty processing and remembering information that they see and hear, which can affect their learning and literacy skills. It can also cause them to…

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