A little Type IT! typing quiz for you

Which finger should you be using to type the following letters?  (Answers below)









  1. Your index finger
  2. Your middle finger



  1. Your left index finger
  2. Your right index finger



  1. Your left index finger
  2. Your right index finger



  1. Your little finger
  2. Your ring finger



  1. Your ring finger
  2. Your little finger



  1. Your middle finger
  2. Your index finger



  1. Your right index finger
  2. Your left index finger


And finally, when you start to type;

Where should you put your thumbs when you start typing?

  1. In the air
  2. Resting on the space bar


Where should your elbows be when you type?

  1. Out like a flapping chicken
  2. Arms in a straight line, with elbows held in to your sides


How did you do?   For more information on touch typing see Touch Typing Courses For Kids and Adults|Learn Fast|Tutor Supported (touchtypeit.co.uk)





C – Middle finger

B – Left index finger

Y – Right index finger

X – Ring finger

Q – Little finger

N – Right index finger

F – Left index finger

Your thumbs should be resting on the space bar when you start typing.

Your arms should be straight and elbows in to your sides when typing.


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