How do you create a good work/life balance?

How do you create a good work/life balance? I thought about this subject this week, as, no matter how hard I try, I am really struggling to fit in my exercise and my “Get fit with Rick” videos without a child using the front room where I exercise or my husband coming in in the…

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Touch Typing For Dyslexia

girl touch typing

I recently wrote an article about touch typing for Dr Susannah Pinkus who is an Education Expert specialising in Thinking & Learning Differences. Has your child recently been granted ‘word-processing’ as a reasonable adjustment at school and in examinations? Although young people are using computers more than ever before, many still tirelessly struggle with ineffective methods…

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Top 10 typing tips – how to type in comfort

Good posture for typing

Top 10 typing tips   These tips seem particularly important to me at the moment.   During lockdown I have been working at the kitchen table which is the wrong height but luckily, I have a monitor stand, a decent chair and as a touch typist I have managed to save my neck and back.     I…

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Can playing the piano help you to be a better touch typist?

Can playing the piano help you to touch type

In previous articles we have looked at how learning to touch-type can be beneficial to children and adults with dyslexia and dyspraxia as touch typing involves a different way of learning – a “muscle memory”. Muscle memory is also used when learning the piano and the position of the keys and the skilful art of…

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What are the benefits of learning to touch type?

Fast typing is shown

Have you ever tried typing with two fingers?   I just had a go and it’s quite a slow and tiring process.   Now try typing with more fingers.   That’s a bit faster.   Now imagine learning to type with all your fingers, starting from a central position and  also, learning to type without looking down.   How fast…

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Learn To Type Fast

learn to touch type fast

Is it really possible to type over 100 words per minute? Yes, it really is! This video shows one of my ex-students typing over 100 words per minute! When he started learning with me, he was using two fingers to type. We call that hunting and pecking the keys and it’s super slow. Once you…

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Is it possible to learn to type without looking?

Can you type without looking

There are two different ways to type – the “hunt and peck” method where you use your fingers to hit one key at a time to type. Alternatively you can put both hands on the keyboard with your fingers resting on the A,S,D,F and ;, J, K, L keys and thumbs hovering over the spacebar.…

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Did you know? Fun Keyboard and typing facts from Type IT!

Japanese Keyboard

Some interesting keyboard and typing facts from around the world! What’s the longest word on the top row? Typewriter is the longest word that can be made using one row of the keyboard.  The word Typewriter can be typed using only the top row on QWERTY keyboards. Some speculate that QWERTY inventor, Christopher Sholes, did…

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