Text from an essay practice taskAs part of the advanced typing course, students are encouraged to use their touch typing to type long essays. Two of my students were set a task of completing an essay a day for 19 full days! Each essay was timed for 20 minutes and the titles were designed so that there were no right or wrong answers.

Here’s a snippet of one of the essays which was titled “A Personal Accomplishment”. Over the course of the two weeks the boys' typing speeds have increased dramatically. They are now typing at over 70 words per minute!

The first reason why I chose being able to touch type as my personal accomplishment is because technology is advancing massively, extremely quickly, and as we develop, we are using computers much more than ever before, and being able to touch type means that I can get work done faster. This is important because I can then get through more work than usual, and that could potentially lead to a higher pay and I can also learn more because I have more time to get other work done because my work is completed.

I feel incredibly thankful that I tried out learning to touch type, as it comes in handy in countless moments such as taking notes, searching for something online, writing an essay and many many more other moments in which it comes in handy. It even looks good for skills to put on my personal statement when applying for jobs and universities. These are some of the main reasons which determined me to try it out and get better at it. You see top people in top firms just multitasking by typing, talking and reading at the same time, and I just think how I can be like them, they are better than me, and I think about what I could do to be just like them or even better. Touch typing is a life skill which is something that you cannot forget, because once you have memorised the keyboard, you literally can’t go back. In fact, I forgot how to type the other way, and even if I tried, I wouldn’t be able to because I have practised, and I am used to touch typing now which makes me type faster, more accurately than ever before, and type without looking at the keyboard. I can be reading a book and be typing word for word without looking at the keyboard, which is something I have been wanting to be able to do for such a long time.

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