Touch typing for Duke of Edinburgh

Touch Typing for Duke of Edinburgh Award (DofE)

Learn your DofE Skill At Home!

As a DofE Approved Activity Skills Provider (AAP) we can now offer children aged 13+ the opportunity to learn how to touch type for their Bronze or Silver Skills Award.

Our 12-week online remote tutor guided course gives the student the regular structure that they need to ensure they meet the DofE criteria as well as leave the course with a skill that they can use for life!

Fully Tutor Guided 12-Week Course with your own Personal Type IT! Tutor!

How the course works

  • Choose the day you would like to complete your lesson each week.
  • Your tutor will give you feedback by email the next working day.
  • You will receive a ‘Getting Started Guide’ and Course Manual together with your login details so you can start your lessons.
  • You have a maximum of 12 weeks from your start date to complete the course.
Woman helping a student learn touch typing

How Your Type IT! Personal Tutor Will Help You Succeed

Even though you won't have your tutor in the same room as you, it will feel as though they are!

  • We will check an overview of your weekly statistics
  • We will observe your keystrokes remotely to work out any problem keys.
  • We will comment on any issues you may find difficult and how to remedy them.
  • We will give you details of what you will be learning next and tips and tricks to help.
  • After your final lesson, we will complete your Online Assessor Report.
  • After your final type test, you will receive a course certificate showing their highest accuracy and words per minute.

What will a DofE student achieve from the course?

  • DofE Bronze or Silver Skills Award.
  • Assessor Report written by your typing tutor and submitted online.
  • End of course certificate.
  • Achieve speeds of 30wpm+.
  • Accuracy of over 95%.
  • A thorough knowledge of all of the keys on the home row, top row and bottom row keys.
  • Ability to touch type sentences and paragraphs aiming to reach a minimum 95% accuracy.
  • Optional modules such as tricky words, common words, numbers and symbols.
  • Confidence to be able to touch type for schoolwork and exams.
  • A skill they can put on their CV for future UCAS applications.
Students learning touch typing

Benefits of learning to touch type for your DofE

Work faster – typing can be up to 6 times faster than hunting and pecking keys.
Type at the speed of thought – fingers can keep up with the brain!
Be more accurate – make less errors as fingers know where they need to go.
Focus is on content, not on what the fingers are doing
Improved concentration – less other things to think about.
Ability to get thoughts down on paper - faster than writing or hunting and pecking.

Faster thought processing; not having to think about forming letters on paper.
Improved posture – head isn’t bobbing up and down to look at keyboard
Transferable skill – great for CV’s and university/work applications. Recognised by employers as an essential skill to have.

Happy student succeeding at touch typing


Tommaso (age 14): "As well as improving my typing skills immensely this course has been extremely enjoyable. Wendy’s feedback has always been prompt, clear and very useful. I would recommend this course to anyone."

“The course was extremely useful for a 14 year old, she learned quickly and saw the value in the touch typing technique from the very first day and was motivated.”

Superb remote touch-typing course! The luxury of being able to complete the course at home to fit around busy school schedules, was brilliant. The weekly lessons were well planned with clear and easy to follow instructions. The weekly progress reports received after each online lesson were extremely thorough with detailed feedback and tips on progression.  My daughter felt fully supported throughout the course and would highly recommend to others….Mrs. D  daughter, completed for DofE Bronze.