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summer touch typing

Online Remote Course - Tutor Guided (12 Lessons)

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This unique course is ideal for the learner that likes to have a ‘workout buddy’. You will have your own personal tutor to guide and motivate you to the finish line! 12 lessons with weekly tutor monitoring/feedback. Perfect for Adults, children aged 9+ and DofE Students.

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adult touch typing

Online Remote Course - Self Learning

This self-learning course is ideal for the independent learner who is happy to work through a course on their own and is motivated and determined to finish! Perfect for adults.

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boy touch typing with Type IT!

Centre Based Courses

Please note that classes are currently not taking place at our centres. Perfect for children aged 8+ and those with SpLD's. Good for children, teens and families who want a fast track holiday course.

Sutton Touch Typing Centre

Harrow Touch Typing Centre 

West Lodge School, Pinner

Harrow School (by prior arrangement)

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boy touch typing with Type IT!

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