Remote Online Courses For Adults and Children (Tutor Guided)

This is a course like no other! We believe we are the only company to offer remote touch-typing courses with tutor support throughout.

Why do we feel this is so important? Many of our previous students were coming to us after having started an online course but never actually completed it. Why? Because the initial enthusiasm waned or it got sidelined by other things or they just decided to give up.

Your own personal tutor will guide and motivate you through the course giving you the confidence and desire to keep going. This is by far our most popular course and the results are outstanding. 99% of our students, both children and adults, have completed the course with over 95% accuracy and speeds in excess of 30wpm.

Your own personal 'Type IT!' tutor will guide and motivate you!

Course Features

You can decide to complete your course in either:

  • 3 weeks (super intensive: 2 x 2 hour lessons per week)
  • 6 weeks (intensive: 2 x 1 hour lessons per week)
  • 12 weeks (Steady: 1 x 1 hour each week). Perfect for everyone including DofE Students.

All options include additional 10 minute daily practice exercises.

What you will get

  • An introduction from your Type IT! Tutor.
  • A comprehensive guide in how the programme works and tips and tricks to watch out for.
  • We will set up the programme for you so you are good to go for your first lesson.
  • Your tutor will check your lessons statistics every week and monitor your progress.
  • Your tutor will playback your keystrokes to check for any problem keys.
  • Weekly email feedback from your tutor detailing:
    • An overview of your lesson.
    • Any lessons you need to repeat.
    • How to overcome any tricky keys.
    • Details of your next lesson and what to look out for.
  • Your next lessons will be unlocked by your tutor.
  • Use of the programme for one month following the completion of the course.

Remote Online Course - Tutor Guided

  • Where? From the comfort of your own home
  • When? 3 or 6 Week (Fasttrack) or 12 Week Course
  • Who? Suitable for adults and children who are able to work independently at home. Ideal for DofE students

Course Content

  • Learning home row, top row and bottom row keys.
  • Learning punctuation keys including the shift keys.
  • Learning to backspace to correct errors.
  • Typing common words and tricky words.
  • Paragraph typing putting your typing into everyday context.
  • Speed typing modules
  • Option to learn numbers and advanced paragraph typing.
  • Completing typing tests throughout the programme and at the end of the course.
  • End of course certificate.
Students learning touch typing

What People Are Saying...

Superb remote touch-typing course! The luxury of being able to complete the course at home to fit around busy school schedules, was brilliant. The weekly lessons were well planned with clear and easy to follow instructions. The weekly progress reports received after each online lesson were extremely thorough with detailed feedback and tips on progression.  My daughter felt fully supported throughout the course and would highly recommend to others….Mrs. D .

Child achieving success at touch typing

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