A determined adult learner!

I had the pleasure of teaching an adult how to touch type a few weeks ago. In my experience, the children I work with tend to grasp it a lot quicker than the adults. I’m not sure why. Maybe because adults have to undo bad habits, or they overthink more. Sometimes frustration can affect concentration…

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PC or Mac?

Apart from owning one of the very first PCs – an Amstrad back in the early 80s, I’ve always been an Apple fan. In 1989, my job was to set up an in-house ‘desktop publishing’ department at Wickes. It was my first introduction to an Apple Mac. It was called the Macintosh Classic – anyone…

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Learn To Type Fast

learn to touch type fast

Is it really possible to type over 100 words per minute? Yes, it really is! This video shows one of my ex-students typing over 100 words per minute! When he started learning with me, he was using two fingers to type. We call that hunting and pecking the keys and it’s super slow. Once you…

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Touch Typing Course Success for 14 year old DofE Student

touch typing course success

It’s not often I receive a review from a student as it usually comes from the parent, so it was wonderful to get this yesterday! Fred did an intensive one week touch typing course with me. It’s usually a 12-week course but he was so keen to learn in time for sixth form that we…

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