Term Time Lessons

Weekly Term Time Lessons are designed for those who want to learn how to touch type to help with schoolwork, or for those that have to use a laptop at school for work or exams.

Great for children with SpLDs such as Dyslexia or Dyspraxia

  • Fun and engaging weekly 1 hour lessons
  • Encouragement to develop good touch typing skills
  • Specialist educational software
  • Tailored learning allowing students to go at their own pace
  • Structured daily homework to reinforce learning
  • Individual attention from the tutor with a ratio of 1:2
  • Fun keyboard games away from the computer screen
  • Motivational stickers for younger students
  • Progress monitored weekly

Weekly Term Time Lessons

£20 per 1 hour lesson (in a group)

Boy practising touch typing

Your child will need a minimum of 10 lessons and for some children, especially if they are younger or have a special need, they will require more. Most students require between 12-15 lessons to complete the course.

What will my child achieve on this course?

The software we use is engaging, fun and educational. By coming to a class each week and being assessed by a touch typing tutor, it will help your child to remain motivated in order to achieve their goal.

If they have practised regularly, they should be able to touch type sentences using all the main letters on the keyboard by the end of the course. They should also learn the main punctuation keys. It’s a bit like riding a bike – you don’t forget once you know how! Accuracy is the most important aim of the lessons initially with speed improving as the weeks progress.

Term Time Lessons - Join us at any time!

Please enquire about starting lessons at any time. Every student goes at their own pace and therefore there are no set start or finish dates.

If there are no available spaces, your child will be placed on the waiting list for your preferred day/time and you will be contacted later with an exact start date.

Child achieving success at touch typing

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