Children touch typing

Touch Typing for Children

Does your child have time on their hands?

Learn to Touch Type in just 6 or 12 Weeks!

With Our Online Remote Course (Tutor-Supported)

Now is the perfect time to engage your kids and learn a new skill such as touch typing. Not only will it give them a focus, they will return to school prepared and ready to work faster and smarter.

Ready to Start Touch Typing?

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Since 2011, Type IT! have been successfully delivering centre based and remote courses to children from the age of 9+.

Whether it’s a remote course or a course at one of our centres, our experienced tutors are on hand to ensure a successful result. We use specialist touch typing software to ensure you or your child are typing ‘real’ words, sentences and paragraphs, so you are ready to seamlessly embed your typing skills into your everyday lives.

Benefits of Learning to Touch Type

➡️ Type at the speed of thought
✔️ Get thoughts down on paper fast!

➡️ Type more accurately
✔️ No more errors!

➡️ Faster thought processing
✔️ Focus on the task!

➡️ Enhance writing skills
✔️ Type automatically!

➡️ Essential skill for school and work
✔️ Be digitally prepared!

➡️ Improved posture
✔️ No more fatigue!


What will my child achieve?

Keyboard confidence

Accurate typing

Fast speeds

Improved spelling

Child achieving success at touch typing

Your Own Personal Typing Tutor for Success!

✔️ An online course with a difference!

✔️ Every student is assigned with a personal typing tutor.

✔️ We offer weekly guidance and support.

✔️ We will check results via email every week.

✔️ Tutor will offer helpful tips and guide them what to do next.

"Three of us signed up for the Type It course and we were delighted with how quickly we all progressed - from single finger typists to touch typing in a matter of weeks.  Under Wendy’s enthusiastic and patient guidance, every lesson was enjoyable and we have gained an invaluable life skill that will be of so much benefit in the future.  We would have no hesitation in recommending this course to all ages and just wish we had signed up earlier.”  Chris (Dad), Ami and Georgie.