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What’s in the name?

What does the term ‘touch typing’ mean to you? Does it conjure up visions of secretarial school and old-fashioned typewriters? Sadly, this is a common thought and one which, in my opinion, needs to change.  An essential skill all children should learn In this digital technological age, touch typing e.g. using all the fingers to…

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Touch Typing Success

I’m so proud of my student J who finished the course a couple of weeks ago. He has difficulties with English at school and struggles with working memory. When he first started with me it would take him several attempts to remember a single keystroke. By the following week he’d forgotten it again. Helpful reassurance…

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Ways to make Christmas easier from Type IT!

Ways to make Christmas easier                 If you are juggling work and home life and haven’t quite got round to those presents yet, how can you make Christmas easier?   Here are a few tips from Type IT! to help you on your way.   1. Instead of writing…

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Remote Touch Typing Course For All Ages

talking about intensive touch typing courses

As well as our LIVE Christmas intensive touch typing course coming up, you can join our remote online course at any time. Perfect for those who prefer to work more independently. Suitable for all ages Suitable for all children and adults from 9+. SEND students may need some additional parental support at home but we…

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Why our touch typing courses focus on quality

At Type IT! It’s important for our tutors to be able to give genuine, detailed and valuable feedback to their students each week. This is delivered by email to the parent or adult taking the course. For this reason we limit the number of students each tutor looks after. As a business we value quality…

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