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Typing Courses Online – For Children and Adults

adults and children learning how to touch type

Children and Adult Touch Typers – Different Learning Styles It’s quite interesting to see the difference between our adult and junior touch typers. The principle is the same. Aim for a high accuracy and don’t worry about the speed – that will come later. Adults are super accurate! The adults are super cautious, aiming for…

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How Can Touch Typing Help A Child With Dyslexia?

helping a child with dyslexia learn to touch type

How can touch typing can help a child with dyslexia? According to the British Dyslexia Association, dyslexia is a neurological difference that primarily affects reading and writing skills. Dyslexic children have difficulty processing and remembering information that they see and hear, which can affect their learning and literacy skills. It can also cause them to…

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Take a break from typing – why screen breaks are important.

Stop typing take a break from screen time and your keyboard

The other week I was doing a lot of close work on my computer, checking information and entering figures on spreadsheets. I ended up with a dreadful headache and so I scheduled in a couple of walks with friends later in the week, just to get away from staring at the screen. During lockdown, a…

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Typing Skills – The Best Keyboard to Use

Typing Skills The Best Keyboard To Use

Typing skills – can they be improved by the keyboard you use? I often get asked by people what is the best keyboard to use when learning to touch type? What’s the best keyboard for adults? My general advice for adults would be to stick to the keyboard you will be using in everyday life.…

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Typing For Kids – Can You Learn In One Week?

typing for kids

Reasons for learning to touch type There are many reasons why typing for kids is so important and for some, learning quickly is the option they prefer. One of the main reasons is time or lack of it. Children are so busy these days We all have busy lives and our kids do more than…

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