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Touch Typing for Children

Technology is all around us and more so than ever, young people are using computers, laptops and other devices to access information.

Typing is now an essential life skill and yet many schools don’t offer lessons as part of the curriculum and expect children to be able to use these devices effectively.  The sad truth is, that many children cannot type adequately and are painfully slow or constantly having to correct their work because of errors. We regularly encounter fast typists but their quality of typing is poor.

With the current shutdown of all schools due to coronavirus, now is the perfect time to learn this skill ready for the new academic year in September.

Now is the perfect time to learn this essential skill

By investing in one of our remote touch-typing courses, you will be giving your child the essential tools they need for school, college, university and ultimately in their future place of work. Our experienced touch-typing tutors are there to guide your child through the course from beginning to end. Don’t hesitate – they will truly thank you for it!

Perfect for Bronze or Silver DofE Awards

Why not learn touch typing for your Duke of Edinburgh award? It's a skill you can learn from home with our tutor guided 3 month course. You will receive weekly feedback and support from your own experienced and dedicated touch typing tutor. We will also complete your online Assessor's Report.

What will my child achieve?

  • Your child will learn how to type the home row, top row and bottom row keys.
  • Your child will be able to touch type sentences and paragraphs aiming to reach a minimum 95% accuracy.
  • Speed will be dependent on each child’s progress but the aim is to achieve between 20-30wpm. There are options to continue learning to increase speed and learn numbers.
  • Your child will find it easier to spell words as they learn to type finger patterns.
  • Some students will move on to learn numbers and practice some dictation and copy typing.
Child learning how to touch type

Benefits of Learning to Touch Type

  • Work faster – typing can be up to 6 times faster than hunting and pecking keys.
  • Type at the speed of thought – fingers can keep up with the brain!
  • Be more accurate – make less errors as fingers know where they need to go.
  • Focus is on content, not on what the fingers are doing
  • Improved concentration – less other things to think about.
  • Ability to get thoughts down on paper - faster than writing or hunting and pecking.
  • Faster thought processing; not having to think about forming letters on paper.
  • Improved posture – head isn’t bobbing up and down to look at keyboard
  • Transferable skill – great for CV’s and university/work applications. Recognised by employers as an essential skill to have.
Girl learning touch typing at Type IT

My Child Has A Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD)

If your child has a specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, ASD or any other processing challenges, writing by hand can compromise creativity. Touch typing is the single most effective way to help a child with SpLD’s who struggles with hand writing and getting their thoughts on paper.

When we learn to type by touch by not looking at our hands, muscle memory is used and this develops so that eventually we will be able to type without consciously thinking. This takes the pressure off the working memory which is a huge benefit for those children with a SpLD.

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Child achieving success at touch typing

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