What is Touch Typing?

Learn to touch type for adults

At the moment you are probably using two or more fingers to hunt and peck the keys. You may also be quite slow or making lots of errors.

Touch typing is the ability to be able to type using all of the fingers without looking at the keyboard or cognitively thinking about what your fingers are doing.

It’s an automatic process, a bit like riding a bike. When someone learns how to touch type, they are teaching a part of the brain associated with muscle memory.

Once the finger movements are learnt through repetition, the brain remembers it and as long as it used often enough, it will never be forgotten.

Our course is structured to allow you to build up your muscle memory each week so that all of the keys start to become automatic. We start off focusing on accuracy so that by the end of the course you are both FAST and ACCURATE!

In fact not only will you be able to type without looking, you will be able to multi-task – you will even be able to talk and type at the same time!

Touch typing allows you to multi task - type fast, accurately & think at the same time!

What People Are Saying...

Many thanks to the Type It team for your patience, encouragement and lovely kind nature. My son, aged 10, learnt to type with the team, and loved every lesson, and has achieved so much in learning to touch type. The environment the children learn is in so calm and nurturing and the prizes keep them motivated throughout. The Type It team provide great support for Dyslexic children - This is such an important skill for their ability to learn more effectively and efficiently. Well done and thank you to the whole team.
Mrs. C.