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Learn to Touch Type With Our Tutor Guided Remote Courses & Face to Face Zoom Lessons! 

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Why Learn To Touch Type?

Perhaps your child has had a recent diagnosis of dyslexia, dyspraxia or dysgraphia? Touch typing can really help get a child's thoughts down on paper. Or as an adult, you may be looking to type faster for work. 

How We Can Help...

We understand that's it's not always easy to learn something new on your own especially when it comes to learning a skill like touch typing. 

We offer a variety of ways of how to learn because every student is different. From face to face lessons on Zoom, to our online remote courses, all of our courses are tutor-supported, which means we are on hand each week to offer support and encouragement.

Our tutor supported courses get great results, with all students achieving over 95% accuracy, and a great speed that will enable them to use their skill confidently for work or school.

Are You An Adult Learner?

You are never too old to learn a new skill, and touch-typing is no exception! Let us show you how - just give us a call!

How Our Courses Work

My Mission - by Founder Wendy Petersen

My mission was to create a touch typing course designed specifically for the user. Not a faceless self-learning course but one that is tailored specifically for every learner whether they are 8 years old or 80! That is why ALL of our courses whether they are remote or face to face, are tutor-supported so you are helped every step of the way.

Why We Are Different

I believe we are the only touch typing provider to offer bespoke tutor-led courses. That's why we get such amazing results for our clients at an affordable price.

The truth is that most of our clients come to us because they've tried to learn to touch type on their own and have failed. Our courses work because you are not learning on your own. Our team of friendly and dedicated tutors together with our bespoke software will make your touch typing journey easy, engaging and enjoyable.

What to do next...either book your course online or give us a call...

You probably have lots of questions, so why not give us a call on 020 8434 7111 and we will run through everything with you step by step.

Our Touch Typing Courses Will Help You:

  • Learn to touch type quickly and easily
  • Get a great result
  • Save up to 100s of hours each year!
  • Type twice as fast!
  • Get thoughts down on paper fast!
  • Help with focus and quality of work
  • Avoid strains and pains
  • Be ready for typing in exams
  • Be more productive & efficient
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Whether you are aged 8 or 80 - We Have A Course For You!

• Live on Zoom •
1 Week Intensive Holiday Courses

October Half Term Intensive Course £225

25th - 29th October 11.30am - 1.30pm

Join me and my wonderful team of tutors in our virtual classroom. Age 9+.

• Online Courses •
For Children & Adults
Dyslexia friendly

Tutor Supported 12 Week Remote Course £195

(1-hour lesson each week)
Can be fast-tracked. Our team of typing tutors will give offline support every week, helping to keep learners on track.

Age 10+ and DofE students/Adults

• Face to Face Lessons •
Live on Zoom
Or At Our Centres

Face to Face or Live on Zoom Touch Typing Lessons

Great option for children and adult learners that prefer a face to face lesson led by a tutor. Age 8+. You can mix and match these lessons with our remote course.

Top Typing TipsDownload Our Free Guide Today!

Some fantastic tips to help you improve your typing skills including a free taster lesson of the home row keys! 

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