How do you create a good work/life balance?

How do you create a good work/life balance? I thought about this subject this week, as, no matter how hard I try, I am really struggling to fit in my exercise and my “Get fit with Rick” videos without a child using the front room where I exercise or my husband coming in in the…

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Touch Typing For Dyslexia

girl touch typing

I recently wrote an article about touch typing for Dr Susannah Pinkus who is an Education Expert specialising in Thinking & Learning Differences. Has your child recently been granted ‘word-processing’ as a reasonable adjustment at school and in examinations? Although young people are using computers more than ever before, many still tirelessly struggle with ineffective methods…

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Top 10 typing tips – how to type in comfort

Good posture for typing

Top 10 typing tips   These tips seem particularly important to me at the moment.   During lockdown I have been working at the kitchen table which is the wrong height but luckily, I have a monitor stand, a decent chair and as a touch typist I have managed to save my neck and back.     I…

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Can playing the piano help you to be a better touch typist?

Can playing the piano help you to touch type

In previous articles we have looked at how learning to touch-type can be beneficial to children and adults with dyslexia and dyspraxia as touch typing involves a different way of learning – a “muscle memory”. Muscle memory is also used when learning the piano and the position of the keys and the skilful art of…

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