Wendy Petersen - Founder & Course Director

Hi, my name is Wendy Petersen and I am the founder of Type IT!

For the past 20 years I have been introducing computers to preschool children with my company Click IT!’. Our team of tutors and franchisees work with over 1500 children every week offering IT lessons within nursery schools.

For many years I was a two-fingered typist hunting and pecking the keys which meant my typing was extremely slow and tiresome. I’d spend more time  concentrating on finding the keys rather than on the work itself!

In 2011 I decided to take the plunge and learn how to touch type and it so revolutionised my workload that I launched my own touch-typing centre, focusing specifically on teaching children. This was the start of ‘Type IT!’.

I am pleased to say I can now touch type confidently at over 70WPM with 98% accuracy and it’s made a huge difference to my workload! I really look forward to working with you or your child to help pass on this skill which will last you a lifetime.

Wendy Petersen, touch typing tutor
weekly touch typing lessons

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