Touch Typing Courses For Kids & Teens

Help Your Child To Type Faster & More Confidently

12 Week Remote Touch Typing Courses

Our typing tutors will have your child touch typing in no time!

80% of parents come to us because their child has tried a free touch typing online course and have given up. With our courses and dedicated tutors, your child will not only learn to type quickly but enjoy the process too!

Just One Hour Each Week

With our tutor supported courses your child will be learning independently from home at a time to suit them, with the added benefit of a personal tutor on hand to guide them through the course. In just a few weeks, they will be typing faster and feeling super confident.

We Follow A Proven Formula...And Get The Best Results For Your Child

Type IT Student Learning to Touch Type

1. We Set Their Lessons

Your child's tutor will set their lessons each week, so they are achievable and manageable!

Their lesson plan will be designed and adapted for their needs. 

Boys learning how to touch type

2. Detailed Feedback

After your child has completed their lesson, their tutor will check their results online, including their actual keystrokes. So we know exactly how they got on without even being there! We can then give advice on what they need to do and how to do it as well as lots of encouragement.

Boy learning to touch type

3. Next Steps...

Your child's tutor will unlock their next lessons giving them tips and tricks of what to look out for and how to do it.

They will have one week to complete their lessons before their next feedback, so plenty of time to practice and get a good result.

Book In A Free Call

Wendy Petersen, Founder of Type IT! Touch Typing For Kids

Wendy Petersen, Course Director

I would love to get to know you better so that I can best help your child. Book in a call with me and I will take you through all of the options and how the course works so that you can decide what is best for you and your family.

OUr Courses Are Suitable For Children With Dyslexia & Other Learning Differences

Learning to touch type is an essential skill for anyone that uses a keyboard. If your child has dyslexia or dyspraxia, or dysgraphia, we can help them become laptop ready for school and exams.

Benefits of Typing Lessons

⭐ Keyboard confidence
⭐ Type at the speed of thought
⭐ Type faster for essays or exams
⭐ Faster thought processing
Get thoughts down on paper fast
Focus on the task
Type more accurately

Type IT! Review from a parent
Touch Typing Review parent

Common Questions & Answers

How Long Are The Lessons?

Your child's personal typing tutor will set them enough lessons to last about one hour a week - your child doesn't have to them it all in one day. They can do a little every day if they wish.

I'm Worried My Child Won't Like It

So far, we haven't had any students give up, which is great news! Having a friendly personal tutor checking in on them every week, makes such a huge difference to their motivation. The course is varied with short bursts of typing and typing games, which makes learning fun.

My Child Is Dyslexic. Will They Cope?

Yes, they certainly will! Again, because they have their own personal tutor, they can ensure that they are setting the right work for them. We can adjust any of the lessons to suit their needs.

How Fast Will They Type?

Speed is something we focus on right at the end of the course. Accuracy is the most important thing. Speed builds naturally with practice. All students finish the course typing at least 20wpm, and some with speeds above 50wpm!

Is It A Live Lesson?

No the lessons are not live. We find that students prefer to work independently around a time to suit them. It allows for much greater flexibility and also keeps the cost of the course down. But don't worry, having a remote tutor is just as effective as a face to face tutor. Our system allows us to see their actual keystrokes so we get an accurate view of their typing.

Is My Child Too Young?

We recommend that 9 years old is a good age to start the remote course. It doesn't mean that younger students can't do it. It will just mean that a parent will need to supervise them whilst they are doing their lesson just to make sure their finger positioning is correct. Our courses are suitable for all ages - up. to adult. We adjust the lessons accordingly.


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Any questions?

If you want to know a little bit more before booking or have any questions or comments about touch typing - just give me a call.

Some of our helpful tutors

Wendy Petersen, Type IT! Course Director
Tracy Best at Type IT
Shantelle at Type IT

What our touch typists have to say...

I started the Type IT! Remote Touch-Typing Course in August thinking I was only ever going to be able to type very slowly using two fingers but after completing the 6-week course I can now proudly say I am on the way to being able to touch type without even thinking about it and this is all thanks to this brilliant course! 

Grace - Student

My 12-year-old daughter really loved the whole online learning experience of Type IT! She joined the course as she wanted to get faster and accurate while typing her assignments and essays and the course has really helped her achieve that. The whole online material used is so well-tailored for children of different age groups with support from the allocated course teacher. We as parents are very happy with the outcome and would really recommend the course.

Archie (Parent).

I would recommend Wendy without hesitation. She is professional, flexible, warm, caring and gets results. If anyone is looking to achieve proficient typing in a short period of time, she is your person.

» Dr Pinkus

My 11-year-old son embarked on the touch-typing course and completed it within 6-7 weeks.
He felt that as he progresses through education and writes essays and dissertations in the future, touch typing would be a skill that serves him for life. We valued the flexibility to do the course on the days and times that work for our schedule and the feedback from his tutor was excellent.  He was able to complete the course from the comfort of his own home very successfully. 

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