Learn to touch type and avoid being a 2 finger Ninja!

Adult learning to touch type

By Stephanie Treversh, Business Development Manager. Since working remotely has become the new normal, I decided it was the right time to upgrade my laptop and purchase a new one. The nature of my role requires me to schedule meetings with clients on a regular basis,  this would be face to face (until recently) and…

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My Story – by Type IT! Touch Typing Founder, Wendy Petersen

Wendy Petersen, Founder of Type IT!, Touch Typing Courses

A techie nerd at heart! Perhaps running a touch typing business was my destiny. At University I was the only student in my year to own a word processor! It was an Amstrad and I can clearly remember the luminous green type on the black screen! And having to put coding in to make it…

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Touch Typing Course Success for 14 year old DofE Student

touch typing course success

It’s not often I receive a review from a student as it usually comes from the parent, so it was wonderful to get this yesterday! Fred did an intensive one week touch typing course with me. It’s usually a 12-week course but he was so keen to learn in time for sixth form that we…

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The simple tips that will help you with your touch typing

Touch typing is one of those things that so many of us aspire to do, whether it’s so that we can move up a level in our careers, be that bit more efficient and effective in our current jobs, or even gain that boost in confidence we might need for those day-to-day tasks that require…

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Should you be worrying so much about your child’s screen time?

It’s one of those things that so many parents (completely understandably!) fret about – “does my child spend too much time stuck to his/her computer or phone? Wouldn’t it be better if he/she spent a bit more time outdoors? They better not still be using that iPad in bed at 11pm…” However, with the COVID-19…

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