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How can touch typing help your child? Here are our top 8 tips.

  Touch typing has many benefits, including;     Speed – As children get older, there tends to be more homework.  My son is in year 7 and seems to have homework every night.   Being able to touch type is so useful as work can be completed more quickly without having to hunt and peck…

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October Half Term Course

Touch typing tutor

It’s that time again! Not long now until our October half term touch typing course! It’s going to be a full on week for me because I’m running a live face to face session at my centre in Harrow, followed straight after by a class live on Zoom! What will be fantastic though is helping…

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How have keyboarding lessons changed?

How have keyboarding lessons changed? As a lady in my late 40’s, when I started secondary school, the library computers were a novelty.  They were constantly in use and I was fascinated.   I became a school librarian and in turn, the head librarian let me use the computer in her office and I actually sat…

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All children should learn to touch type!

YES! I was very excited to read this today! Let’s get all children touch typing! With all children in Scotland being given an iPad device, MSP Fergus Ewing told the Scottish Parliament’s education committee that for them to make the most of the benefit, they needed to be able to type properly! He said: “I…

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Why should you challenge yourself?

Why should you challenge yourself? What are the benefits of challenging yourself?    You might work all hours.   You might be exhausted from parenting or juggling parenting with a job.   You might have hit the joys of menopause and the resulting fatigue.   You might have a long commute.  What can a challenge bring you? You can…

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