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Child learning how to touch type

Remote Courses To Suit All Learners and Abilities

Choose to learn in a way that suits your child best:-
'FAST TRACK' - learn in just 2 weeks (a one hour lesson every day - perfect for school holidays).
'SEMI FAST' - learn in 6 weeks (2 lessons each week).
'NICE AND STEADY' - learn in 12 weeks (1 lesson each week). This is our most popular course.
Suitable for children (aged 10+), teens and adults.
If your child has dyslexia or dyspraxia or any other SpLD, we would recommend that they choose the 12-week course. Click here for more information about SpLDs.

Would you like your child to...

➡️ Type faster for essays, coursework or exams?
➡️ Be able to confidently use a laptop to support their learning at school?
➡️ Type accurately with better spelling?
➡️ Type faster than their writing speed?

Your child will be supported throughout by our friendly and experienced typing tutors

Come and join us and learn the wonderful skill of touch typing. Learning to touch type isn't easy, especially if you choose to learn on your own - but with our unique step by step, easy to follow online remote courses, supported by our team of friendly and experienced typing tutors, your child will be touch typing in no time at all!

Your child can choose to learn at a pace to fit around their busy timetables from super fast or at a slightly slower pace. It's totally up to them but rest assured that the end result will be the same. By the end of the course, they will be confidently touch typing.

Please note that, unlike most other online courses, we tailor our courses to the individual needs of your child, making learning to touch type fun and giving them the very best outcome.

Your child can join this remote online course at any time. Once we receive your booking form, they will be allocated their own personal touch typing tutor.

Please note that we also teach adults how to touch type.

Learning to touch-type means...

⭐ Superfast homework and coursework!
⭐ Increasing accuracy - less time spent correcting
⭐ Improved output - fingers can keep up with the brain!
⭐ Laptop ready for school and exams
⭐ No more frustration and meltdowns!

Child achieving success at touch typing

Benefits of Learning to Touch Type

Type at the speed of thought
Faster thought processing
Get thoughts down on paper fast
Focus on the task
Be digitally prepared
Type more accurately
No more fatigue

Wendy Petersen teaching a child how to touch type
touch typing from home
student touch typing

Any questions?

If you want to know a little bit more before booking or have any questions or comments about touch typing - just give me a call or leave a voice message by clicking on the blue button at the bottom right of the screen.

Some of our helpful tutors

Wendy Petersen, Type IT! Course Director
Tracy Best at Type IT
Shantelle at Type IT

What our touch typists have to say...

"We were all delighted with how quickly we all progressed - from single finger typists to touch typing in a matter of weeks.  Under Wendy’s enthusiastic and patient guidance, every lesson was enjoyable and we have gained an invaluable life skill that will be of so much benefit in the future.  We would have no hesitation in recommending this course to all ages and just wish we had signed up earlier.”  

» Chris (48), Ami (16) and Georgie (14)

Since I learnt to touch type with Wendy at Type IT! I have been amazed how much time I’ve saved. All professionals should learn to touch type, it’s an amazing skill and Wendy makes it such fun – it also helps you look super professional in the office!

» Angharad, UCL, London.

As well as improving my typing skills immensely this course has been extremely enjoyable. Wendy’s feedback has always been prompt, clear and very useful. I would recommend this course to anyone.

» Tommaso, aged 14

Learning how to touch type has been so good for George. It has boosted his self-esteem and he has acquired a skill he will use for the rest of his life. I have been recommending Type IT to everyone. Thank you for being so supportive and lovely to my boy.

» Mrs Williams

Decided to try this typing school and it’s fantastic. Being over the age of 40, I thought I would struggle to learn a new skill but the staff made it fun and the easy to learn. Thanks to all the warm and wonderful staff as I feel much more confident with respect to my next exams. 

» Adenike Shahimi


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