Intensive 1 Week Holiday Courses (for Kids/Teens)


Boy having touch typing lessons

Learn To Be A Ninja Typer In Just One Week!

If your child wants to have faster keyboarding skills for schoolwork or gaming, then this is the course for them!

One of our previous students finished the course typing at 70wpm! That's 3 times faster than before!

We can help your child learn. Come and join our wonderful tutors, live on Zoom in our small virtual classroom.

Suitable for all children (aged 9+) and teens.

Courses running throughout July and August for 2 hours per day Monday - Friday with a friendly and experienced tutor.

How Touch Typing Will Help Your Child...

✅ Type automatically, without looking!

In just one week, your child will be typing all of the letters on the keyboard without even looking at their fingers! Their hands will be covered from day 1!

✅ Type faster!

Imagine being able to type twice or three times as fast as their current speed! They will be able to complete their essays in super quick time, giving them time to do other fun stuff! 

✅ 'Write' at the speed of thought!

Touch typing will allow them to think and type at the same time, without even having to look down at their hands. This means your child can get all of their wonderful thoughts down on paper so much more easily.  

✅ Improved focus

Typing automatically without thinking means that 100% of effort can go into their work rather than on what their fingers are doing. 

✅ A 21st Century digital skill that they will use for life

These days employers expect their employees to work productively and have excellent digital skills. A great inclusion on their C.V.

A Skill Worth Learning This Half Term!


"Emily is loving the course. She does her homework immediately after finishing your Zoom call and can't wait for the course starting the next day!!!"

Gillian, Parent

Why Choose Us?

✅ Friendly tutors - we make learning easy and enjoyable
When children learn to touch type on their own, it's sometimes too easy to give up. With our tutors on hand to help, offering lots of praise and encouragement as well as making the lessons fun, they won't give up and will finish the course as proper touch-typists!

✅ Flexible and adaptable learning
Our experienced tutors will adapt the lessons for your child. Every child goes at their own pace. Dyslexia and dyspraxia friendly.

✅ Small groups and individual help
We work in small groups with one tutor to three or four students giving them lots of hands-on help and an opportunity to ask questions.

✅  They will get a great result!
With our personalised help from a tutor, your child will finish the week typing confidently with an accuracy of over 95%. They can carry on using the programme to hone their skills further.

✅ Follow on lesson plans
At the end of the course, your child will have learned most of the keys, but we offer follow-on courses should they wish to carry on practicing and increase their speed.

learning to touch type with Type IT Intensive touch typing courses
Review from a Type IT! Touch Typing parent about the intensive course.
From N.B, Parent

Dates and Times

Our Intensive Courses Are The Perfect Way To Get Touch Typing Fast!

Live on Zoom Courses from
9am - 11am
Monday to Friday

24th - 28th October - Spaces available!

Live on Zoom Courses from
9am - 11am
Monday to Friday

Weeks Available
18th - 22nd July (FULLY BOOKED!)

25th - 29th July (FULLY BOOKED!)
1st - 5th August (FULLY BOOKED!)
8th - 12th Aug (FULLY BOOKED!)
15th - 19th August (FULLY BOOKED!)

How To Book

Click on the BOOK NOW button below to be taken to our bookings page. All you need to do is complete the simple form, choosing your preferred week and time. You can choose to pay now or later and we will be in contact with you to complete your payment nearer the time.

PLEASE NOTE THAT OUR COURSES BOOK VERY QUICKLY so if you want a guaranteed place, please make payment at time of booking.

If none of those dates suit you and you are looking for a bespoke course to fit in around you or your family, we can help. Just give us a call.

student touch typing
Adult learning to touch type
Woman helping a student learn touch typing


Keep up to date with our latest courses, news and offers

Any questions?

If you want to know a little bit more before booking or have any questions or comments about touch typing - just give me a call.

Some of our helpful tutors

Wendy Petersen, Type IT! Course Director
Tracy Best at Type IT
Shantelle at Type IT

What our touch typists have to say...

"We were all delighted with how quickly we all progressed - from single finger typists to touch typing in a matter of weeks.  Under Wendy’s enthusiastic and patient guidance, every lesson was enjoyable and we have gained an invaluable life skill that will be of so much benefit in the future.  We would have no hesitation in recommending this course to all ages and just wish we had signed up earlier.”  

» Chris (48), Ami (16) and Georgie (14)

Since I learnt to touch type with Wendy at Type IT! I have been amazed how much time I’ve saved. All professionals should learn to touch type, it’s an amazing skill and Wendy makes it such fun – it also helps you look super professional in the office!

» Angharad, UCL, London.

As well as improving my typing skills immensely this course has been extremely enjoyable. Wendy’s feedback has always been prompt, clear and very useful. I would recommend this course to anyone.

» Tommaso, aged 14

Learning how to touch type has been so good for George. It has boosted his self-esteem and he has acquired a skill he will use for the rest of his life. I have been recommending Type IT to everyone. Thank you for being so supportive and lovely to my boy.

» Mrs Williams

Decided to try this typing school and it’s fantastic. Being over the age of 40, I thought I would struggle to learn a new skill but the staff made it fun and the easy to learn. Thanks to all the warm and wonderful staff as I feel much more confident with respect to my next exams. 

» Adenike Shahimi


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